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IRS-Heritage - Call of the Times
Musa Marjanli, Editor-in-Chief

The success of every printed publication depends on how it is received by the readership. From this point of view the Irs-Heritage magazine, which was previously published under the name Irs, was a definite success. It has its own regular readers who value it highly and impatiently wait for the next issue. This question is often heard: To whom does the Irs-Heritage magazine belong? The answer is very simple and clear: It belongs to all - to all who strive to glorify their homeland far beyond its boundaries. Our aim is also simple: to acquaint our readers with the past and present, with the economical and cultural life of Azerbaijan and to transmit this heritage to future generations. In addition, the publishing of this magazine proved to be welcome because our compatriots living outside Azerbaijan have for a long time felt that there is a shortage of publications meeting modern requirements. We would like them to have close connections with their homeland and be able to represent it properly abroad. That is why the meeting between You, Dear Readers, and the magazine is not an accident but a necessity.

It seems that the day is not far away, when the cherished dream of Azerbaijanis about all Azerbaijani diaspora organisations coming together for a common good will be realised. The fact that scientists, leaders of different communities and representatives of the intelligentsia of different faiths are represented on the editorial board again gives hope that this dream will be realised.

We hope that the activities of the Irs-Heritage magazine will become a fertile ground on which this dream will grow and become a reality. Everyone who believes in the future of Azerbaijan and who makes efforts to strengthen its statehood may confidently call Irs-Heritage their magazine, irrespective of if they live in Azerbaijan or abroad. We invite everyone to collaborate and hope that this will be interesting for You.